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Kites We Like

We scoured the Internet and quizzed the knowledgable experts at the GWTW Kite Forum in order to assemble the groups of reliable kites listed on this page. Our hope is to help people find the right kite for them by presenting quality and reliable kites alongside actionable information.

Single-Line Kites

Great single-line no-frills kites for casual fliers.

Dual-Line Stunt Kites

Reliable and solid dual-line stunt kites for people who want to zig, zag, and tumble.


Can I Fly my Kite is a tool for kite fliers to quickly and easily determine if it is “weathery” enough outside to fly. Nothing else is as easy, painless, and to the point!


We are state-of-the-art: Weather and location data comes straight from Everything is pieced together with vanilla HTML and CSS and backed up with a Python core.

Why not Check out the code?


Can I Fly my Kite was created as a personal learning experience. Check me out on Twitter or GitHub.


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